How Crystals Work

We know that everything in the universe is a form of energy with a different structure and each has its own frequency and vibration. Nicola Tesla said this concept is the key to understanding the world and has shown that some forms of energy can change the vibrations of other forms of energy. The concepts of electromagnetism, as demonstrated by James Clerk Maxwell, and their interdependent nature as well as the discoveries of quantum physics theory have provided scientific evidence for the action of crystals.

In this way therapeutic crystals and stones are used for thousands of years to align the energy centers of the body and change the vibration of the cells. When a crystal vibrating at its own oscillation frequency is in our own energy field, a larger vibrational field is created that affects the nervous system and the transmission of information to the brain. These vibrations, linked together, harmonize our frequencies and stimulate biochemical changes that affect physical health in a positive and therapeutic way. Knowing how crystals are used is vital.

The following video provides more detailed information about the crystals: