Our Story

Christina Chatzi is a holistic healer and mother of three children, she made a change in her life after she left Athens Greece and moved to Parnassos mountain. There she opened the Sacred Crystal shop in Arachova. This move was based on the high demand of her clients and students for products that give spiritual balance and well-being. While at the same time he had the opportunity to provide something new and niche in the market.

She and her family create therapeutic jewelery, artworks, perfumes and cosmetics with semi-precious stones. Even in that shop, one can find minerals, essential oils, accessories, books, fragrances and decorative space. This offers a wide variety of choices for someone who wants to make a nice gift but also for someone who is looking for something more interesting, thoughtful and special.

Our Philosophy

"Our creations are made through spiritual work, positive thinking, love and joy in the holy mountain of Parnassus Greece. They are charged and programmed with high energy vibration and offer treatment, care and protection. We know the power and properties of the crystals and we teach people how to use them. "

"Handmade therapeutic jewellery help to maintain mental clarity, emotional stability and physical balance when personally designed and worn for specific purposes.  They empower the user and help to achieve specific goals. Wearing healing crystals is a simple and effective way of using their positive action. "

"Here everyone can find something to make him feel better and develop his consciousness."

"We believe we all deserve happiness, love and abundance at all levels of life. This is our principle and we serve this purpose."